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8. Pinterest

February 20, 2012

One of the hot new social media sites entering the online scene is Pinterest. Early on it was adopted mostly by DIYers and bloggers. I personally joined the invite-only site last spring and have been hooked ever since. I used to take a lot of the images I found on blogs and would save them on my computer or print them out and keep them in binders so Pinterest was the perfect solution to saving space on my hard drive and saving ink for my printer.

For those who may not be familiar with it, Pinterest is a site where users can “pin” images and videos they find online onto different “pin boards” that are categorized. Pinterest provides a few starter board topics such as “Books Worth Reading” and “My Style.” Users follow their friends pin boards and can “repin” pictures which is similar to a retweet on Twitter. Pinners can also look at different categories and content pinned by everyone on the site.

The layout of Pinterest is different than others because it is not linear like most but is comparable to an online scrapbook. Not only is this site popular among individuals it is gaining popularity among companies as a way to promote their business. I think this infographic explains in pretty good detail how Pinterest is driving traffic to businesses:

I also think this article is a helpful resource for a business looking to join Pinterest. It provides tips for businesses that are new to Pinterest and also to those who are familiar with it. One of the main mistakes I have seen companies make is pinning only their own products and content. Pinners want to be inspired so only pinning limited content will not gain a company many followers. A mix between a company’s own products and similar ones that are in line with the brand message are also good.

Pinterest is a great tool for branding. A company can really define its brand through Pinterest because it is similar to telling a story only through images. If a brand has a consistent pinning theme it can really stand out and make people recognize it. I would compare it to coming up with a brand personality list, but through images.

Although Pinterest is fairly new and still in beta testing it has experienced great success. I know I have certainly enjoyed it for every day inspiration.

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